Saje aromaBreeze Ultrasonic Nebulizer

I got this nebulizer from my SO for Christmas as well as a few of you were curious about it, so here are my thoughts:

Saje offers different designs of nebulizers, ranging from $60 to $120. El modelo Aromabreeze se vende por $ 74.95.

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First of all, what the heck is a nebulizer?  According to Wikipedia:

In medicine, a nebulizer or nebuliser is a medication shipment gadget utilized to administer medication in the type of a mist inhaled into the lungs. Nebulizers are commonly utilized for the treatment of cystic fibrosis, asthma, COPD as well as other respiratory diseases.

¡Interesante! I honestly believed “nebulizer” was a word made up by Saje. Of course, this is not medical equipment, it’s just meant for general well-being.

The nebulizer doesn’t include the fragrance oils, I got those separately.

From the product description:

Create a soothing environment of purifying, supportive aromatherapy with the AromaBreeze ultrasonic nebulizer. With an optional soft LED light, the AromaBreeze produces a soothing environment in any type of room. likewise an air purifier as well as humidifier, it’s an easy-to-use, heat-free important oil diffuser that preserves the integrity of your oils for ideal benefit. silent as well as risk-free for utilize when resting or sleeping. Each nebulizer has a sensor inside as well as when the water in the reservoir reaches a specific level, the nebulizer turns off automatically.

I’d state most of what it declares is true, however I’d have to state that I do not agree it’s a humidifier. I have a humidifier in my bedroom as well as the reservoir holds at least 5x more water, as well as the mist is more powerful – it truly pumps wetness into the air. This nebulizer, on the other hand, produces a extremely fine, almost invisible mist. It only holds 180ml of water (less than a cup) as well as I’d state it can operate for about 3 hrs keeping that amount of water before it’s all dissipated. I likewise would not phone call this system silent as declared in the description – it makes a noticeable humming as well as bubbling noise, extremely similar to exactly how a humidifier sounds.

The main utilize for the nebulizer for me is as a to infuse the space with fragrance as well as purify the air somewhat. however again, I do have a separate air purifier that has a filter as well as a fan to promotes air circulation – I do not agree that this nebulizer is anywhere as efficient as my air purifier. As a gadget to disperse scents into the room, however, it is fantastic. I was rather surprised exactly how far this bit machine was able to spread the scent – I utilize this in the living space as well as I can odor the scent in our spare bedroom (our condo is about 1,100 sq ft).

What I truly like about this bit machine is that there is absolutely no warm or flames or melted wax to concern about. It’s super simple to use: plug into any type of power outlet, fill the base with tap water (using the cup included in the box), shake 10 drops of the fragrance oil into the water, as well as turn it on. There are bit specks in the water in the above picture – that’s from the fragrance oil. cleaning is simple as well – just wipe the reservoir weekly with bleach or vinegar.

It was truly difficult to catch the mist on camera as well as this is the very best I might do.  It immediately shuts off when the water is gone so I don’t have to concern about forgetting to. One thing to note, I wasn’t sure if I should utilize ordinary ol’ tap water or if I should utilize filtered water, so I asked the SA when I was at the Saje store. She advised that it should be tap water since it contains all the minerals that this machine needs to operate – she had some people grumble about the system not working since they were utilizing filtered water.

My SO  gave me the liquid Sunshine fragrance oil together with the unit, as well as I bought myself the Gratitude one. liquid Sunshine consists of grapefruit, bergamot, orange, lime, as well as mandarin important oils – it smells so refreshing.  Gratitude contains orange, vanilla, coffee, spearmint, rosewood, sage, benzoin, as well as black pepper – it’s a more mellow scent. since I only requirement 10 drops per use, these will last a extremely long time. I’ve not tried other fragrance oils however Saje suggests to utilize their oils because… they work much better or something.

There are likewise some declares on the box about ions as well as the immune system but I have no method to substantiate these claims.  I will state though, that I like the soft glow of the system as well as it makes me feel more tranquil.

• fácil de usar
• risk-free to use
• efficient to disperse fragrance
• peaceful (but not silent)
• Automatic shut off

• preliminary expense is high
• Not fantastic as a humidifier or air purifier

I’m not going to provide a score since this is a gift!

Besides Saje, I’ve seen nebulizTambién se venden en MUJI (los llaman a los difusores de aroma ultrasonidos “). ¿Alguna vez has oído hablar de un nebulizador o utilizado?

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