I’m a super fan of the LY20 super fan brush by Louise young Cosmetics

For the highlighter junkies, the LY20 fan brush by Louise Young
Not just a fan, but a super fan! — like, if this brush was my favorite band, I’d wait in a scary back alley for it to come out after the show, in the pouring rain, hungry, just to get it to autograph my left boob with a black Sharpie.

OK, maybe not… I love it to pieces, though, and here’s why: the LY20 fan brush is by far the best highlighting brush I’ve ever used, because it is fast!


I’m talking crazy fast, and I think it’s because of how dense, big and fluffy the brush head is. It just picks up and deposits a lot of product — but never too much. always just the right amount.

It perfectly applies and blends whatever highlighter I’m using at any given the moment. All I do is sweep it back and forth a few times on my upper cheekbones, down the bridge of my nose and on my Cupid’s bow, and bada-bing, bada-bang! — done in less than a minute.

Oh, but it’s not only a highlighting brush. I’ve also used it to
apply face powder (both loose and pressed), bronzer and blush. You can even use it to dust off excess powder, contour your cheekbones, or seamlessly blend together bronzer, blush and highlighter on your cheeks.


¿Cats y maquillaje sudadera ??

$ 42

Compra ahora

All that, and it works terrific with cream products, too.

¡Lo sé! As you can probably tell, I like this brush.

According to the Louise young site, the LY20 is made from natural fibers, although they don’t specify the type.

It feels very lightweight to me and still sturdy in my hands, and it has held up like a champ over the roughly five or six months I’ve been using it with hardly any shedding at all. Shoot, the thing still looks and feels practically new.

Yes, it’s $42, which is a lot, but it can do so many different things well. I keep mine in a special jar, along with the rest of the brushes I use every. Soltero. Día.

If you’re on the market for a new multitasking fan brush, you can find it now at Nordstrom stores and online at nordstrom.com.

OK, now, as much as I love running (yes, I’m one of those masochists), I go through phases where I fall off the bandwagon, and out of the habit, for a while.

Do you ever do that?

It usually happens when I’m busier than usual or just overwhelmed with life, but I know that running’s good for me — good to get my sweat on — and helps my overall mood, so I eventually find my way back on the wagon again.

So along those lines I’ve been doing two things. I keep a list on my iphone to track my mileage, which seems to help keep me motivated, and I, um, also…bribe myself.

Every time I finish a run, I pay myself a few bucks, and the money can go toward anything I want! Like, right now I’m saving up for a Kate Spade bib necklace.

I’m not sure which one yet, but I’m thinking about this one called Gumdrop Gems, which is on sale now for $99 at katespade.com.

I like the colors, and I think I could work it into a lot of different outfits.

I just hope it isn’t too heavy, though, because if a piece of jewelry is uncomfortable in any way, I know myself. I won’t wear it.

So, motivational tricks. What do you do when you fall out of a good habit that you want to get back in?


Hope you had a terrific Tuesday. See you at the top of the hump!

Tu amable barrio de belleza adicto,


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