Performing Tonight: Benefit’s new sheer rose Gold Rockateur, an Ultra plush Lip Gloss rock star

benefit Rockateur Ultra plush Lip Gloss
Listen, I’m probably the furthest thing in this zip code from rock ‘n’ roll. all of the presets on the radio in my automobile are to easy listening stations (“KOIT… Light rock, less talk”), and if I ever actually tried to head-bang, I would probably pull a muscle in my neck.

Why am I telling you this?


Well, because you do not have to be a rock ‘n’ roller to like Benefit’s new $16 Rockateur Ultra plush Lip Gloss, the most recent addition to the benefit Ultra plush Lip Gloss fam.

Smooth, sheer, non-sticky and unfathomably comfortable (wear time is about 2-3 hours), the Ultra Plushes are part of Benefit’s permanent line.

Not only are they all that and a bag of Cheetos, they also have corresponding blushes — you know, in case you want to get all matchy-matchy on that @ss.


¿Cats y maquillaje sudadera ??

$ 42

Compra ahora

Rockateur Ultra plush Lip Gloss with its matching blush
A fairly sheer rose gold, Rockateur is one of those glosses I think of when I think of weekend glosses.

Un primer plano…

Which reminds me — I have plans this weekend, and they involve this gloss, because we’re going to Old Navy together on Saturday!

I stopped by last night to look at shorts. Unfortunately, I left empty-handed, but I did find a pair of white shorts I wanted (on sale for $15, even). I just got overwhelmed by everything else in the store…

You know how that is.

But I’m going back tomorrow! and I might even leave with a new tank or tee.

So, yeah, choosing between a basic black tank top or one with sequined love birds = mentally taxing.

On the other hand, Rockateur Lip Gloss = not mentally taxing.

One swipe on my lips with the angled applicator, and that’s it. Heck, I don’t even need a mirror to apply.

Gotta love easy glosses like that, especially on weekends, when all I really want to do is eat, sleep and chill with my tabby.

That’s also Rockateur blush on my cheeks!


You can find Rockateur rockin’ now at benefit counters and online.

Your friendly neighborhood charm addict,


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