The metropolitan Decay Backtalk Eye & deal with combination Is getting people Heated!

using the new metropolitan Decay Backtalk combination on my lids as well as cheeks, as well as UD Backtalk Vice Lipstick on my lips (a traditional shade in the long-term line)
MAN, people are terminated UP ? about the $46 metropolitan Decay Backtalk Palette, as well as it’s not just since of the warm tones. If you checked out a few of the evaluations on Sephora… My goodness! They make it noise like you’re smearing melted feline poop around you eyelids when you utilize it. I mean, people have feelings about it, as well as the primary complaint seems to be the level of pigment, which I don’t truly comprehend since I’m not having issues with it.

Granted, I don’t believe the combination is the biggest thing since sliced bread. I’m not raving about it, but…


Pink, mauve and, yes, warm
It was influenced by a lipstick.

Anyway, let me rewind a second. very first things very first — the packaging. There’s a mirror in the middle that separates eight powder eyeshadows as well as four blushes, as well as the mirror slides out, which I like.

Now you see it, now you don’t.
The shades are predominantly varieties of warm mauve as well as pink, which again, is since the combination was influenced by metropolitan Decay’s Backtalk Vice Lipstick in the long-term line.

A mix of matte as well as shimmery shades
The blushes have different levels of pearl.
It’s really quite good!

I’ve been using it, as well as I haven’t had a issue with the pigment, which is generally on the more intense side of medium, so the shades aren’t rather “full on,” however they aren’t as sheer as a few of the evaluations have said.


¿Cats y maquillaje sudadera ??

$ 42

Compra ahora

What’s that, Karen? You’re still an NC42 in MAC for reference? Sí sí, yo soy.

I don’t feel like I’m building a bridge as much as the sky or anything when I develop up the shadows. They’re simple to develop up as well as simple to sheer out. as well as I’ve utilized A great deal of sheer palettes in my day, where you have to sit there as well as put in work to develop up their intensity, like the MAC Jeremy Scott palette. now THAT’s sheer, as well as you gotta utilize elbow grease, however Backtalk isn’t like that.

I’m using a bold-ish eye look in this review, so there’s a decent amount of color on my lids, as well as to get the intensity I did, I used four or five layers at the most, so, yeah, it was more than one or two, however four or five layers isn’t unusual for this type of eye look. Blending them likewise wasn’t a huge deal.

Hey, girl, haaaaaay!
For the most part, yeah, I such as this palette. The blushes blend out beautifully, as well as I can still see lots of color on my lids as well as cheeks at the end of the day. I do notice a decent amount of after effects when I utilize the shimmery dark brown shade, most likely since it’s the most powdery of the bunch, however with the other shadows, I just get a few flecks right here as well as there.

Overall, quite good.

It’s hella warm, though, even for me.

Now for a caveat. If anything will keep this from ending up being an daily combination for me, it’s exactly how warm toned the colors are. UD states this one’s for everybody, however I have to disagree. I’m warm toned, as well as I discover these shades borderline as well warm pink for me. sometimes they look a bit off, I think. however that’s on me. If you like warm pinks as well as UD, provide it a chance, since I truly don’t believe it’s as poor as some people are saying.


If you want to inspect it out, it’s offered now at Sephora as well as coming soon to the UD website.

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