First Impressions of the (Fab) Tarte Tarteist double Take eyeliner as well as Lash paint Mascara

I’ve used eyeliner almost daily of my life considering that I started using makeup, as well as I think about myself an experienced liner lady (like, if eyeliners were cats, that’s me!). When I find a fantastic product, I normally don’t stray from it, as well as I’ve been faithful to my present favorites up until now.

Will the new Tarteist Double Take eyeliner ($24) as well as Lash paint Mascara ($23) from Tarte dethone my tried as well as trues?


Let’s discover out!

Before I apply my eyeliner as well as mascara!
By the way, in this look I’m likewise using Shiseido Synchro Skin Foundation, as well dealt with chocolate Soleil Bronzer, makeup Geek Eyeshadows, L’Oreal Brow Stylist Definer, Tarteist Clay blush Palette, as well as Ofra Cosmetics long enduring liquid Lipstick in “Miami Fever” (by KathleenLights). as well as yes, I am forcing myself to utilize a different lipstick daily as well as have fallen in like with this color, again.

Tarteist double Take Eyeliner

Tarteist double Take eyeliner — my new preferred thing
The two different tips…

Using the pencil eyeliner…
Using the liquid liner…
We have just reached holy grail status. From the very first swipe of Tarteist Double Take eyeliner ($24), I can see that it’s a great one. After a full day of work as well as tasks as well as exercise, it still looks impeccable, as well as I don’t state things such as this extremely often, however I’ve tried just about every bad, good, as well as “just OK” eyeliner out there.


¿Cats y maquillaje sudadera ??

$ 42

Compra ahora

(BTW, if you’re on a budget, try patting a black eyeshadow on top of your liquid eyeliner. It will last much longer as well as fixes the patchiness.)

Anyways, my preferred eyeliner is Kat Von D Tattoo Liner, as well as this feels like a somewhat thicker as well as pigmented version. The Tarte idea feels like a incredibly soft marker, which assists the pigment swiftly catch onto the lids.

I still like Kat’s Tattoo liner for its super-thin clean tip, however the Tarte one performs a small bit much better for my style.

On top of that, there’s a pencil eyeliner on the other end just to, like…I guess…make things method a lot more convenient.

Stop, I feel officially spoiled.

Tarteist Lash paint Mascara

Tarteist Lash paint Mascara on my lids
Tarteist Lash paint Mascara ($23) is an properly named jet-black mascara with an inky, thick formula, as well as I’m pleased by exactly how remarkable it makes my straight, thick lashes look.

A mascara has to do a great deal for me to keep in mind to apply it every morning…and this one’s doing fantastic things in the volume department.

I bet it’ll work magic if you have thin or long lashes, however since of its intensity as well as weight, it has a tendency to flatten out my lashes post-curling. however that hasn’t stopped me from reaching for it. however that’s just something to believe about. If this mascara is meant to be the mascara equivalent of the liquid eyeliner, it nails it.


If you’ve been complying with my articles right here on makeup as well as appeal Blog, you understand that I’ve been truly into Tarte’s Tarteist releases. I like the trendier updates while likewise committing to the “natural” element of the brand. If there are any type of other Tarte products you believe I must inspect out, please let me know!

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