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Guess who satisfied her great-grandmother a few days ago! Yup, Connor Claire satisfied my glam granny — her great-grandmother — last weekend at my parents’ home in Union City.

¡Qué viaje! It restored so many memories of my youth with my glam granny as well as made me recognize exactly how lucky Connor is to have both sets of her grandparents (hi, Nana as well as Grandpa El Hub!) as well as a great-grandparent in su vida. I can’t wait on her to make her own memories.


When I was a kid, my glam granny was the only grandparent in my life. She came to the united states from the Philippines in the early ’80s a few years after my parents did as well as lived not far from us in the exact same town.

Up up until she retired, she worked doing laundry at the regional holiday Inn. Every morning on her method to work she drove me to institution in her red Ford tempo — which she liked since it matched her attractive hair, which she dyed red — as well as everyday she said, “I like you!” when I got out of the car.

I keep in mind one summertime she took me as well as my younger sibling on a day trip to Lake Elizabeth, where people have picnics as well as parties, in the close-by town of Fremont, however very first we stopped at a pizza location as well as grabbed a pepperoni pizza.


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We brought it out to the lake as well as dined al fresco, as well as while we were eating, granny noticed that some people were tooling around the lake on paddle boats (the kind you power with your feet). She asked me as well as my sibling if we’d ever done it before, as well as when we stated no, she took us over to the dock as well as rented one for us.

We spent the rest of the afternoon paddling back as well as forth across that lake as well as having a grand old time.

Come to believe about it, granny was always quite outdoorsy. She liked going for long walks as well as likewise liked riding her significant blue three-wheeled bike, which was essentially a tricycle for grownups, around town.

Granny’s bike had a huge silver basket in the back for bring groceries as well as whatnot, as well as when I was extremely young, she let me climb into the basket. then she’d trip around the community for exercise.

It must’ve been a hoot to see a attractive older Filipino woman on an large tricycle with her small bit grandchild in the back, LOL!

From two Christmases back — my granny touching up her red lipgloss!
Yeah, my granny was always glamorous, even when she exercised. She always had her nails painted, her hair dyed her preferred color (red) as well as always brought a tube of Revlon lipstick.

It was a eco-friendly tube — I keep in mind — as well as the color was Orange Flip. I always wished to try it however was as well timid to ask.

As far as I know, she’s always been into makeup as well as beauty. back when she was a young lady in the Philippines just before world war II, she competed in beauty pageants, which is where I’m guessing she discovered exactly how to pose, since she’s always been so photogenic (I honestly don’t believe I’ve ever seen her take a poor picture), as well as she still is today, even at 88 years young.

She even went to cosmetology institution right here in the U.S. to discover exactly how to do hair as well as makeup.

In fact, after she discovered exactly how to do perms someday she came house as well as practiced on me as well as my mom…but that’s one more story for one more time, LOL!

I still have a business card she provided me years ago, as well as right below her name as well as number it states “Cosmetologist” in a scripty font.

I have a great deal of excellent memories of growing up with my grandma, as well as now it’s time for Connor Claire to make a few of her own with her grandparents.

This September 11 will be her very first Grandparents Day, as well as her very first time providing Grandparents Day cards, so I went to Walgreens this week to (help her) pick out her cards.

And for my granny I looked for a card with a wonderful message that likewise had her preferred color in it — red. this with flowers was perfect.

Since Connor can’t pick out her own cards yet (she is a baby, after all!), I chosen out these adorable ones with animals for her.

They seem like something she’d like.

The Walgreens I go to has a significant choice of cards, so there was a great deal to select from, as well as shh! — while I was there, I may or may not have likewise chosen up some beauty goodies for myself.

Hey, my granny is a beauty girl! I’m quite sure she would haveaprobado.


Feliz día de los abuelos tempranos a todos los maravillosos abuelos (y futuros abuelos) por ahí. Di gracias a ti por ser tú.

Tu amigable adicto a la belleza comunitaria,


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