My feline Eyes Spy Jordana’s fabulously inexpensive $2.99 FabuLiner strong Felt-Tip liquid liner

Jordana’s Fabuliner strong felt suggestion liquid Eyeliner
I feel like my makeup world has been out of balance lately — like something’s off kilter, out of whack.

I’m not sure, however I believe it has something to finish with liquid liner…


And Tom Ford.

I haven’t gotten over the cost of Tom’s Eye Defining Pen in Deeper, as well as I don’t understand if I ever will.

I mean, it’s $55…


¿Cats y maquillaje sudadera ??

$ 42

Compra ahora

WHICH IS CRAZY! however other than that, it’s practically ideal in every single way. The whole world is confused…

There has to be a drugstore liquid liner equivalent available to bring back the makeup planetary balance.

Maybe it’s Jordana’s new $2.99 Fabuliner strong Felt-Tip liquid Eyeliner.

Available now at Walgreens in a single shade called Black, it’s long-wearing, deep as well as intense, without any type of red or blue undertones, as well as it dries to a somewhat shiny finish.

It likewise dries fast! I’m speaking Roadrunner fast, like the moment it touches my lids, BAM! It’s dry within seconds.

I like that I can plop it on, blink, as well as not have to concern about it transferring into my crease. It’s immediate feline eye gratification, as well as I don’t even have to wear primer, because it lasts like a mutha’.

And then there’s the tip.

¡LA PUNTA! It’s firm as well as felt, type of like an art marker, but…

A closeup of FabuLiner’s firm felt tip

…it’s a bit challenging to utilize on account of exactly how rigid it is. It doesn’t provide at all, so when I run the suggestion across my lids, it skips as well as leaves a line with a jagged edge.

With some effort, I can get smooth lines with it. I pull my lid taut, run Fabuliner across 3-4 times, as well as ultimately get a good crisp edge, badabing-badabang. exact same thing with the feline eye flick at the end, however it does take some effort.

Cat eyes courtesy of FabuLiner


I like FabuLiner well enough, even with the stiff tip. It’s only $2.99 after all. No esta mal.

PRICE: $2.99
AVAILABILITY: offered now at Walgreens stores as well as likewise online
Maquillaje, así como calificación de blog de encanto: B +

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